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Electronic ignition and two coils/plugs per cylinder. Otherwise looks very similar to my (67) engine.

I don’t know what that pitot tube where the speaker is supposed to be does.

Very nice.

Some (most) of the cars needed a sign saying “Here’s what you are looking at.” Every car had a story but only a few of the owners were nearby. Those that were were quite entertaining.

Dan Gurney raced, and won, in this.

The driver pretty much sits in the gas tank.

WIth the engine running:

There’s a familial resemblance to this distant cousin of the engine in the ’67. Oh my.

I was seriously afraid I wouldn’t be able to see all the cars as I came around the corner to see this. It went on and on like this!

Notice the European turn signals. US signals are red.

I sure appreciated the owners that kept the windows down.

As seen in a number of magazines.

That’s a mighty big tail.

I saw a couple of rear window wipers. Note the turn signals again.

No radio. I like that.

The daily drivers were really interesting to me.

US signals, dual pea-shooter exhaust, and a rear wiper.

Like my stepdad’s car. What a beauty.

Everywhere you looked was a glorious car.

Somewhere there’s a video of that little guy’s engine running!


Keep looking deeper in here for more pics of this car. Love the authentic puddle of oil!

Almost looks like a Mustang. Clever gas pull on the outside.

THere were cars from all over. This one’s from New Jersey. I noticed similar tail lights to these in another intersting car but I can’t find the link right now. Will update when I find it.

I’m telling you there were a lot of beautiful cars. Love how this owner opened it up for everyone to see.

I like the coil up here. Mine is off to the side near where the electronic ignition is on this one. My manual shows my coil is where it is supposed to be so I’ll keep it there. I also have electronic ignition even though it didn’t come from the factory that way. It’ll stay in the car. I also just noticed that this doesn’t have the dual Webers…

This was a fun conversation.